ACCESS - Terms of Use Agreement

Please read the following Terms of Use Agreement and click Accept to create a new ACCESS account or to log into ACCESS.

The Department of Commerce/Enforcement and Compliance (E&C) requires all users to register a valid username and password to access the Antidumping (AD) and Countervailing Duty (CVD) Centralized Electronic Service System (ACCESS). Two types of user accounts are available: E-Filer and Guest User. Both E-Filers and Guest Users will be able to view and download public documents and public versions filed in ACCESS. However, only registered E-Filer users will be able to electronically file documents and receive email notifications of documents released by the Department in segments for which the E-Filer participates as, or on behalf of, an Interested Party.

At the time of registration the E-Filer is asked to provide basic information, including name, firm and/or organization affiliation, email address, and other identifying information. A Guest User must provide his/her name, email address and telephone number.

Registered E-Filers may electronically file documents (including both Business Proprietary and Public) via ACCESS for inclusion in AD/CVD Cases. The ACCESS Cover Sheet and Separator Sheets (as applicable) will be required for each individual manual submission that the registered E-Filer intends to file. E-Filers who file documents electronically will receive an automated notice of receipt upon completion of a valid submission.

E-Filers must comply with the standard rules and exceptions for electronic filing and paper filing contained in the Handbook on Electronic Filing Procedures and 19 CFR Part 351. These requirements include but are not limited to the following: documents must be filed by the registered E-Filer whose name appears on the signature line(s) of the document or the responsible attorney whose name appears on the document, the timeliness of all filings and their accuracy is the sole responsibility of the E-Filer, and, the E-Filer is responsible for preserving business proprietary information (BPI). In addition, all E-Filers must comply with any additional requirements pertaining to any Administrative Protective Order (APO) issued during the course of an AD/CVD Case.

Information which is classified or not specifically declassified by the United States Government, such as Wikileaks information, may not be submitted to ACCESS under any circumstances. Users must first contact the case analyst to receive a waiver from electronic submission and arrange to submit any classified information by paper only. To protect ACCESS from the submission of such information, all electronically filed documents must be fully text searchable, using a method such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Documents that are submitted without being fully text searchable are subject to rejection by the Department.

Users are required to report any unauthorized release of sensitive or protected material such as BPI to the APO Unit (202-482-3354). Any user who fails to comply with the conditions set forth in this document may be denied right of use to the ACCESS system depending on the nature, severity, frequency, and mitigating circumstances of the user’s actions. In addition, separate sanctions may be imposed for instances of misconduct and the release of protected information as set forth under the Department rules, 19 CFR Part 351, and any other applicable federal laws or regulations.

Do you have a question for the ACCESS Help Desk? Please call 202-482-3150 or email ACCESS@TRADE.GOV for assistance.

Updated Nov 14, 2019