Antidumping Margin Calculation Programs
Antidumping Margin Calculation Programs

    last update: December 30, 2022

On this page you will find the generic antidumping (AD) margin calculation programs. These programs are the starting point of our AD calculations. For a particular company in a proceeding, a case analyst will modify the boilerplate code as required for their case.

There are two types of AD calculations – market-economy (ME) and nonmarket-economy (NME). The AD programs (including a common macro program) required for each are found below. In both types, we compare prices in the United States to some minimum standard called, Normal Value (NV).

Common Macros Program

The required Common Macros program was established to accommodate common methodological code and generic utility functions and that both ME and NME programs utilize in their execution.

1. Common Macros (12/29/2022)

Market-Economy Programs

In ME calculations, we base NV on the company’s actual costs and prices in the comparison market. If no suitable comparison market is found, we base NV on Constructed Value (CV) which is a cost-based buildup of a surrogate price.

Here are the three programs used in ME calculations (along with the Common Macros Program):

1. ME Comparison Market (12/29/2022)
2. ME Margin Calculation (12/29/2022)
3. ME Macros (12/29/2022)

When a comparison market is the basis of NV, the first program used is the ME Comparison Market (CM) program. The CM program is where the case analyst enters information about the company’s costs and sales in the comparison market. The ME Macros program is where the bulk of the code is stored. When the CM program is executed, it calls up the relevant portions of code from the ME Macros program to process the CM sales. After the CM Program is run, the ME Margin Calculation program is completed by the analyst. When executed, the ME Margin Calculation program calls in relevant portions of the ME Macros Program to process U.S. sales and then compare them to CM sales or CV to calculate the AD duty rate. When there is no comparison market, only the ME Margin Calculation program and ME Macros program are required for homes of U.S. prices straight to CV.

Nonmarket-Economy Program

In nonmarket-economy AD calculations, NV is comprised of the company’s factors of production (i.e., recipe for manufacturing the goods in question) valued in some appropriate surrogate country.

Here is the NME program used in NME calculations (along with the Common Macros Program):

1. NME Margin Calculation (12/29/2022)

In all NME calculations, the analyst fills in the required case-specific information.

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